Take Photos and Save Them Directly to PC. Use SoqAlbum to Collect Documents or to Have Fun with Everyone at a Party.

Take Photos and Save Them Directly to PC. Use SoqAlbum to Collect Documents or to Have Fun with Everyone at a Party.

First of all, let's start with SoqAlbum.

Camera Tool of Smartphone App (SoqTools)


Take a Photo and Save It Directly to PC

  • Tap "Send photos from webcam" (red button). The webcam will be activated and you can take a photo.
  • The photo will be sent directly to your PC and will be displayed in SoqAlbum as a file card.
  • From the file card, you can save the photo file to your PC or transfer it to another user.
SoqTools Camera Tool

Full Screen Preview on SoqAlbum

  • You can preview photos by clicking on the thumbnails of the file cards.
  • You can also use the "F" button at the top of the app to preview a new file as they arrive.
  • Photos can be displayed in full screen on a PC at the same time they are taken, making it easy to check the contents of the photos.

Why is SoqAlbum Useful?
Let's Compare It with Google Photos.

Useful for Importing Documents into PC

Import your documents to your PC with SoqAlbum.
  • If you want to import handwritten materials into your word processor, SoqAlbum can transfer their photos to the PC in one minute, without the hassle of waiting for the photos to upload to the cloud and then downloading them further, as with Google Photos.

  • Immediately after taking a photo with your smartphone, you can easily check its content on the big screen of your PC. There is no need to work frustratingly on the small screen of your smartphone.

SoqAlbum does not rely on bluetooth, so you can use it away from the PC.

  • Once you link your smartphone to PC, you can transfer photos from anywhere far away from the PC. You can collect documents from all over the house, all over the office, or even from the building next door.

  • If you transfer photos using google photos repeatedly, many temporary files will be left behind in google photos (unless you delete them frequently). It is a nice idea to decide to keep your work photos in SoqAlbum and only your precious memories in Google Photos.

Use SoqAlbum at Party. View and Share Photos Together.

Let's use soqalbum at the party.
  • At parties and other gatherings of people, launch SoqAlbum on a PC or a tablet and link everyone's smartphones to SoqAlbum (SoqAlbum can link multiple devices simultaneously).

  • Photos taken by users are instantly collected on the PC. By pressing the "F" button on SoqAlbum, you can view these photos in full screen on your PC with everyone.

  • You can also use the file cards in the album tab to transfer photos to any user. Everyone can take home their favorite photos as a souvenir.

Use the ALBUM tab of SoqAlbum to share and transfer photos.

Use the album tab to share and transfer photos taken by everyone on the spot.