It Only Takes a Minute with SoqAlbum! Let's Get Rid of All That File Transfer Nonsense.

It Only Takes a Minute with SoqAlbum! Let's Get Rid of All That File Transfer Nonsense.

All Sorts of Nonsense in File Transfer

report_problem NONSENSE 1
Email Is Too Complicated

Email attachment is cumbersome (compose a mail, attach a file, open the mail, download the file) Cannot send too large files. Mailbox is full of attachments.

report_problem NONSENSE 2
Cloud Storage Is Hassle

Account and password entry are cumbersome. Complicate file Handling. Lots of file remnants after transfer. Worried about file leaks. I don't want to install a dedicated application.

report_problem NONSENSE 3
What about
AirDrop, Nearby Share?

Can send to mac but not to windows? The OS combinations are too complicated to remember. Please unify them into one...

report_problem NONSENSE 4
Linux and Others
Not Supported

Many services do not support Linux. It is tedious to come up with a special transfer method for each OS. Is there any way to learn one and use it in all?

If You Have Trouble Sending Files, Remember SoqAlbum.

SoqAlbum TransfersYour Smartphone Files to Your PC (and Vice Verse) in Just One Minute.

Just Click on "Get Started with SoqAlbum" and You Can Transfer Your Files Now.

File Transfer with SoqAlbum
  • No installation, account creation, or password entry required. It's free and ready to use.
  • iPhone, Android, Win, mac, ChromeOS, Linux. Available on almost all platforms.
  • Simply open the SoqAlbum page in your PC browser and scan the displayed QR code with your smartphone. The tool on the smartphone side (SoqTools) will start up and link to the PC immediately.

SoqAlbum can be used in a smartphone browser, but it is more comfortable on a PC, tablet, or other device with a relatively large screen.

Intuitive Tools for Easy File Transfer

  • Smartphone ⇒ PC: Select the files you want to transfer in the smartphone side tool (SoqTools), they will be transferred to the PC side tool (SoqAlbum) and the file card will be displayed.
  • PC ⇒ Smartphone: Drag the file to the user card of the PC-side tool (SoqAlbum), and the file will be downloaded from the smartphone-side tool (SoqTools).

Can Be Used by Multiple People. Useful for Exchanging Files at Gatherings.

  • Multiple smartphones can be linked to a single SoqAlbum.
  • Files transferred by each smartphone user are listed as a file card album.
  • Files can be transferred from the file card to the smartphone side.
  • When used in combination with the camera tool at a party, everyone's photos can be viewed and shared on the spot.

Protect Your Privacy with P2P

  • All file transfers in SoqAlbum are done through P2P links.
  • Files are sent directly to your device, not through the cloud, so there is no need to worry about information leakage from the cloud. It is also impossible for us to censor the contents of the files.