A web app that launches in the browser on the smartphone when the SoqAlbum QR code is scanned with the smartphone. SoqTools links to SoqAlbum and exchanges files, photos, audio, etc. directly with SoqAlbum. SoqTools can be launched on PCs and tablets as well as smartphones.

User card

Cards that represent users linked to SoqAlbum. They are displayed in the Main tab and in the Users tab. The card number corresponds to the number displayed in the top right-hand corner of the SoqTools GoT . By clicking on a card or dragging files onto the card, you can send files from SoqAlbum to SoqTools.

File card

Cards that represent files sent to SoqAlbum. They are displayed in the Main tab and in the Album tab. You can save the file by clicking on the bottom of the card. For image files, a thumbnail is displayed on the card. Clicking on it enlarges the image on the screen. You can also transfer files to SoqTools GoT  using the tools at the top of the card.

Auto Download

Auto Download switch is located in the top right corner of SoqAlbum. When enabled, files are automatically downloaded when they are sent to SoqAlbum.

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Download folder

In some browsers, such as Chrome, you can specify where the files are saved when you click on a file card GoT . Click on the 'Download folder' menu in Settings tab to set this up.

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SQA-link URL

URL that can be copied from the button under the QR code on SoqAlbum. If you send the URL to another device (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.) and access the URL with a browser, SoqTools will launch and link to SoqAlbum immediately.

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Manual Link ID

ID that can be displayed via the "hamburger menu (top left of SoqAlbum screen)" > "Manual link ID". This ID is used to link devices such as PCs that cannot read QR codes.

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Chat icon

Icon at the top of the app screen for both SoqAlbum and SoqTools. Click to enter chat mode and exchange text messages between SoqAlbum ⇔ SoqTools.

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