Exchange text messages (chat feature)

Once you link your smartphone to SoqAlbum using the QR code on SoqAlbum, you can exchange text messages between SoqAlbum and your smartphone.

When sending a message, make sure the recipient's browser is not asleep. This chat provides a straightforward and efficient text messaging solution; however, its reliability does not match that of email. We advise against using it for important matters. It is better suited for sharing brief information such as email addresses and URLs.

Sending messages from SoqTools to SoqAlbum

The operation of sending text messages from SoqTools GoT  to SoqAlbum is very simple.

  1. Tap the Chat icon at the top of the app.
  2. Enter your message and tap the Send icon.

Upon receiving a message, SoqAlbum automatically switches to Chat mode and displays the message.

Sending messages from SoqAlbum to SoqTools

The operation is almost identical to sending from SoqTools, but before sending, the recipient user must be selected. The following user selection methods are available.

  • Click on the recipient field (below the message form) to select the recipients.
  • Click on the user number displayed in the received messages to set the recipient to that user.

You can also set the recipient from the user card.

  • Click on the Chat icon on the user card. The chat screen will open with the recipient set to that user.