When I restart SoqAlbum, will the previous session information be inherited?

User and file information is reset on each startup

Each time SoqAlbum is launched, it starts a new session independent of the previous one. File and user information starts in a reset state for each session. With this clear policy of resetting on each startup, SoqAlbum can be used safely every time without having to worry about complicated security measures on users and files.

If multiple SoqAlbum pages are opened at the same time, each is treated as an independent session. Authentication codes such as QR codes are also separate.

Files are deleted at the end of each session

Files sent to SoqAlbum are stored inside the browser. These files are deleted when the browser page is closed.

When exiting SoqAlbum, make sure you have not forgotten to save the files you want to save. When you exit, the files will be erased.

QR codes and other authentication codes change on each startup

The authentication code, including the QR code, changes to a different one each time SoqAlbum is started. Previously linked users cannot link to a new session unless they are re-authorised.

The settings will be inherited

The settings you have configured and applied in the Settings tab and so on will be inherited even after restarting SoqAlbum.