Exchange files between smartphones

By launching SoqAlbum on one smartphone and linking another smartphone using the displayed QR code, you can exchange files between the two smartphones.

Let's start by opening SoqAlbum in the browser of the first smartphone. If you're viewing this page on the smartphone, you can simply choose 'Launch in This Browser.' If you want to start SoqAlbum on a different smartphone, copy and share the URL, then open the URL in the browser of that smartphone (more details).

When SoqAlbum starts, a QR code will appear, so scan that QR code with another smartphone to link it; SoqTools GoT  will start and you can exchange files. You can link as many smartphones as you like and share files through SoqAlbum.

Make sure that the browser page of the smartphone displaying SoqAlbum does not go to sleep.

  • Always display the SoqAlbum page at the top of your smartphone screen during use.
  • If the 'Sleep Prevention' icon appears at the top of the application in mobile safari, click on the icon to enable the sleep prevention function.
  • If 'Screen Wake Lock' is disabled in the ettings tab, please enable it.