Quit SoqAlbum/SoqTools

You can quit the apps simply by closing the page

Both SoqAlbum and SoqTools GoT  can be easily stopped at any time. Just remember one simple principle:

Closing the app page in the browser always quits the app.

You can also quit the app from the menu (top left), but simply closing the page without using this will also quit the app perfectly. Even if the browser page crashes, the app will close as long as the app page disappears. No communication will continue in the background.

Information about users and files will be deleted

The information about linked users and transferred files in the current session will be deleted as soon as SoqAlbum is closed. The next time you start SoqAlbum, a new session will be started, independent of the current one. Authentication information, such as QR codes, will also be different from the current session (for details).

When exiting SoqAlbum, make sure you have not forgotten to save the files you want to save. When you exit, the files will be erased.