Download settings: automatic download, download folder

"Auto Download" allows files to be saved automatically

Files sent to SoqAlbum are displayed as file cards GoT . At this time, the file information is stored inside the browser and is only saved to the OS storage by clicking on the card.

If you find this click cumbersome, turn on "Auto Download" in the top right corner of the SoqAlbum. When enabled, all files sent to SoqAlbum are automatically saved when they are received. This is particularly useful if you are sending large amounts of files to SoqAlbum, such as when using the SoqTools GoT  camera tool. Also, if SoqAlbum crashes for some reason, you don't have to worry about losing your files.

Specify the download folder (some browsers)

SoqAlbum saves files in the browser's download folder by default. In some browsers, such as Chrome, it is possible to specify a different folder for this saving location. In these browsers, "Download Folder" menu will appear in the Settings tab, click on this to specify the folder.

When specifying the download folder, you will need to grant some permissions. You will also be asked to confirm permissions again when you restart SoqAlbum at a later date.